Monday, July 16, 2018

Eye-Opening Documentaries Streaming Now That Will Make You See The World Differently

By Casey Cipriani

1. Newtown (2016)
2. Blackfish (2013)
3. Human Flow (2017)
4. I Am Evidence (2018)

This infuriating documentary, produced by Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Mariska Hargitay, exposes the irresponsible ways in which rape cases are often handled by law enforcement and the judicial system. Women around the country would be right to question whether or not their rape kits are ever tested, as this doc shows that thousands upon thousands in the U.S. have not been. Streaming on Netflix.

5. Take Your Pills (2018)
6. Poop Talk (2018)
7. Into The Abyss (2011)
8. Food Inc. (2008)
9. Gasland (2010)
10. Tricked (2013)
11. Trashed (2012)

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