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4 successful women who overcame rejection


Despite being fired from their job, dropped from their recording label or told to undergo plastic surgery, these women followed their dreams to become successful

It’s a tough world out there for women, especially those who have big dreams and aspirations. Rejection is not uncommon to the average woman looking to make something of herself.
Many have the false idea that women belong in the house, cooking for their husbands and caring for the kids. While there is nothing wrong with being a reliable and responsible housewife, it is not wrong either to want something more out of life.
Some women gather the courage to face the world and show everyone that women can do more than just cook and change diapers.

Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay is one of the highest paid female television stars today. Most know her as the fierce and intimidating Detective Olivia Benson in the Law and Order series. It takes a lot of guts to play a detective in a movie or television show, let along the lead detective.
Her role as Olivia Benson shows that women can be smart, beautiful, and incredibly strong, all at the same time. Hopefully, her screen time has helped inspire more women to enter the entertainment business or possibly even the law enforcement career track.

How she overcame rejection: You would think that being beautiful, having famous and successful celebrity parents, and having a persevering personality would guarantee her a slot in Hollywood, but that was not the case.

Many agents suggested she change her name so it would be more appealing to her audience; if that was not enough, they even suggested she get plastic surgery done on her nose.
Thankfully Mariska opted to keep her name and natural features. We could never imagine Olivia Benson as anything other than the powerful and incredibly beautiful detective we know today.

J K Rowling
Anyone who loves books or movies has come across Harry Potter at some point in their lives. Who can forget the lovable and unforgettable escapades of our favourite wizards in J K Rowling’s magical masterpiece?

Her writing has brought her millions of readers (and dollars) and inspired others to look beyond the ordinary and chase the extraordinary, just like Harry Potter and his two best friends did.
Did I mention that one of the most important characters in the books, Hermione Granger, is also a strong and inspirational woman like her creator? While it’s easy to see Rowling as one of the most successful writers of our time, many people do not know what she went through to achieve her success.

How she overcame rejection: What most don’t know is that life wasn’t always fun and creative for Rowling. She was a secretary before she came up with her writing ideas. Who would have imagined her getting coffee and pushing papers all day before her breakout success?
Fortunately for us and every other book reader out there, she lost her job because she was too busy thinking and writing instead of photocopying itineraries for her boss.
Now she is one of the biggest names in the literary world thanks to her creativity and desire to follow her dreams.

Lady Gaga
Know the songs “Born This Way”, “Poker Face”, or “Bad Romance”? You have Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, to thank for it.
Lady Gaga has five albums and numerous hit songs under her belt, not to mention a few film and television roles like La Chameleon in Machete Kills and The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel.

The eccentric singer and actor has also wowed the world with her fashion sense and wardrobe, often choosing designs that shock and inspire.

How she overcame rejection: Not many people know that in 2006, Lady Gaga was signed to DefJam records (responsible for popular artists like Iggy Azalea, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West).
However, she was dropped after only three months with them. This obviously affected her, but she chose to prove them wrong and later released the hit album The Fame in 2008. Apart from being one of the most successful artistes of her time, she is also one of the biggest advocates of LGBT rights in the world.

Marilyn Monroe

You might not have any idea who Marilyn Monroe is, but for many in the older generation, Marilyn was one of the biggest names in the US entertainment scene.

Starring in films like Some Like It Hot and How to Marry a Millionaire, she made a name for herself as one of the most beautiful and popular icons of her era.

How she overcame rejection: Would you believe it if someone told you Marilyn was too ugly to act in Hollywood or do modelling? That is exactly what she was told when she started her career in the entertainment industry.

She was rejected by a modelling agency who said she did not have the necessary qualities to make it big in entertainment. The agency suggested she pursue a career in typing and even had the guts to tell her to get married instead.

Little did they know every man and woman in the US would be craving for more of her in the coming years.

She would have been bigger and more famous, had she not suddenly passed away at the age of 36 in 1962. Even though her life was cut short, she was able to create a name for herself as one of the biggest sex symbols of the century.

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